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The heart is definitely the most important organ in your body. The heart consists of 3 main layers, 4 chambers through which blood is pumped to your body via your lungs to supply your cells with oxygen. Keeping this organ healthy will require exercise and the right diet. Cholesterol is a major cause to heart diseases, heart failure, strokes and heart attacks. Its very important to have your cholesterol checked by your doctor on a regular bases and follow the right diet to ensure these risks are kept to a minimum.

Eating right

With the busy lives we lead there are many different bad trans fats that we consume on a daily bases without noticing what they are. Small things like too much butter and margarine could lead to a much greater intake of these fats. When these fats are over used while looking or serving the chances are much greater of a high cholesterol could to be present in the blood, which means arteries are at a higher risk of being blocked. This can lead to serious heart risks. Its very important to ensure these fats are kept to a minimum when trying to lower the risks of heart attacks, heart diseases, heart failure and strokes.

Risk Of Heart Failure

Heart failure factors in a wide range of different risks that patients may not consider. These risk are able to form part of ones life without even noticing. These will increase the risk of heart failure, strokes as well as heart attacks. Patients with diabetes and other disease are much more likely to suffer from heart failure conditions, which makes it extremely important a good diet and lifestyle is make use of at all times, not only for high risk patients, but for everyone.

Symptoms of Heart Attacks

The most common symptoms are chest pains and tingling feeling or sharp pains in the left arm. However, there are actually many more symptoms that can occur when a heart attack is about to take place. These include nausea, a strange sensation in the lower jaw, right arm, left arm, lower abdomen, nausea, weakness and much more. Symptoms also differ between men and women as women may experience less symptoms, but can also feel fatigue. Many heart attacks may occur with no symptoms at all and will happen at any given time. These are called silent, up to 64% of all heart attacks happen this way and will need urgent medial care.

Artificial Hearts

Artificial hearts have been in development for many years and have actually been used on a number of patients throughout the last few years. These devices have been designed to provide a number of different functions for patients with heart problems. These artificial devices will be able to assist natural hearts until a transplant is possible or replace the heart completely should a transplant not be a option whatsoever.

Cardiac Arrest and Resuscitation

Cardiac arrest is when a patient does not receive enough oxygen to the heart, which then results in loss on consciousness and abnormal or no breathing at all. Cardiac arrest includes a number of different symptoms, but can also take place with no warning at all.

Treating cardiac arrest will require immediate medical care as well as CPR. However, some patients may request CPR not to be performed, in which case medial professional will try different methods to resuscitate the patient, but if nothing can be done the patient will be made comfortable at his or her request.

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