Apple Watch OS 1.0.2 Records Heart Rate

Apple, who is one of the largest electronic conglomerates in the world, recently made the revelation that their taking yet another step closer to making their products more health friendly as the next OS update for the Apple Watch (1.0.2) will allow for the monitoring of record heart rates.

This might seem odd for those who are concerned about the limits of technology but the fact of the matter is that a device such as this with a feature like recording a user’s heart rate is advantageous. Apple has stated that the Apple Watch will inform the user that their heart rate is irregular by having the watch vibrant on its highest setting. It’ll also allow for users to inform themselves on how much blood is being pumped through their heart and if that’s the correct amount of flowing blood for their physical body.


This new feature has already begun to receive major praise from fans of the Apple store & those with heart complications. If someone has had a heart attack beforehand the watch will inform a loved one or medical emergency services if your heart beat is extremely irregular. This is a feature that could result in multiple lives being saved within the first month of it being on the market.

We shall keep you posted on the release date for IOS Watch 1.0.2 Update & if it saves any lives in the process. It’ll be interesting to also see if this new feature increases Apple Watch sales in the upcoming months.

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