Chocolate a Heart Attack Killer?

Chocolate could be the new heart attack killer says researchers from Norfolk, England. These researchers took it upon themselves to track 21,000 different adults over the course of twelve years. The end result was that those who ate up to one hundred grams of chocolate a day were less likely to have heart attacks, strokes or heart disease. Anyone reading this is doing the same thing we did, shaking their heads in disbelief but these findings hold true, so much so that the British Medical Journal is publishing these findings.


100 Grams of chocolate is actually more than what people would think as well. 100 grams is equal to two Hersey milk chocolate bars. This doesn’t mean that any kind of chocolate can be eaten during the day. The findings state that the majority of those tested were younger & going down a healthier path through exercise and healthy eating. None the less the chocolate was shown to lower the blood pressure of these 21,000 individuals & decrease the odds of heart disease, strokes and heart attacks.

Their next goal now is to see if the same results can be done with older adults through more premium & healthier chocolate. It’s required that milk chocolate be taken in right now through the current findings as less preservatives and artificial chemicals are placed into milk chocolate. It’ll be interesting to see if pure chocolate will have the same affects for older adults who are prone to heart disease, strokes or heart attacks. We will keep you updated on their new findings.

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