Harry Chivers Creates Golf Ball Sized Heart Pump

It is rare thing that a random citizen without formal training will create an innovation so astonishing that doctors will go out of their way to endorse the product as well as provide it to some of their patients. One man by the name of Henry Chivers from Bangor, Northern Ireland has received eighty thousand euro’s for the invention of his golf ball sized heart pump.

Harry Chivers

Mr. Chivers had his heart failing after he suffered a severe heart attack last August. Throughout the year a number of complications arose which had him return to the hospital more than three times. After being tired of the constant stress of not knowing what would happen, Mr. Chivers took it upon himself to design a brand new heart pump. This new heart pump is only the size of a golf ball and it’s allowed for this man’s blood to pump at a faster rate, his regular diet has returned and regular breathing has returned as well.

This product made such a rapid change in Harry’s health that doctors took it upon themselves to have this product tested on other patients. After it was shown that this device performed the same for all patients it was purchased by the Tyne’s Freeman Hospital. This device rests slightly above the person’s heart and it allows for the blood to be pumped at a more regular rate. The device calibrates the individual’s specific needs and then provides the proper measures to have the blood pumped at a proper rate.

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