Southern U.S. Food Named Worse For Heart

Researchers have now claimed that Southern United States has the worst kind of food possible for those who are prone to heart disease, heart attacks or clogged arteries. Researchers tasked themselves with finding out where in Northern America is the worst for food, after finding that an increased percentage of heart problems occur in Southern Ontario they conducted a large portion of their research within that region.

Birmingham University

Those who are fans of fried food or any other kind of unhealthy food you can think of should live in Southern United Stated. The lead researcher behind this study, James Shikany of the Alabama – Birmingham University noted that their overall pattern of eating indicates that their eating habits will only continue to grow worse as time goes on. Roughly 735,000 people in the United States have a heart attack per year and apparently the south holds 26.8% of the overall heart attacks per year. This is the highest amount around the nation as well as Canada.

Unfortunately it’s hard to commit such a mass group of people to change their eating habits. Eating these kinds of food have become a part of the souths culture and this means that future generations will be prone to heart disease, heart attacks and more. Luckily fast food chains are starting to change their methods, providing somewhat healthier food slowly. If this process continues then it could allow for a mass change across Northern America, allowing for healthy people everywhere. Hopefully the healthy diet becomes the norm across the country in the upcoming decades.

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