Artificial Hearts Available By 2020

The idea of an artificial heart has been tried over and over again since 1965. The hope for these hearts was that one of our most needed arteries could be replaced, allowing for human kind to live onwards. It would essentially defeat all heart diseases. Apparently the global market for these devices are increasing at a rapid rate, every month there’s a new company designing technology for this market.

Artificial Hearts

There poses a serious issue with Artificial Hearts though. If everyone in the world knows that an artificial heart is easy to obtain then obesity rates will climb to an all new high. The same will apply for artificial lungs. People will begin to live their lives in a beyond unhealthy manner as having arteries, the key aspects to living will become like a toy to the majority. They’ll be easily fixable and life will continue onwards.

These issues arise with any future medical advancements though, with every medical breakthrough it in return means that the human species is more than likely to be unhealthy. This is why North America isn’t sure if these artificial products will be available to the public as a regular surgery. Instead it’s hoped that these devices will be used as a last resort.

The only way to get rid of obesity as a whole is to make sure that fast food companies, pesticides and various preservatives aren’t added into our food. That mixed with a bit of regular exercise would cause for a mass decline of obesity.

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