23 Year Old Woman Suffers Fatal Heart Attack

Sarah Brison, a twenty three year old woman who is at her physical prime suffered a fatal heart attack a few months ago. This stunning girl played soccer, ate healthy and was avid in taking care of her body. That’s why one morning when she woke up in excruciating pain she was confused, it was so bad that her sight began to become blurry. The reasoning for this as experts believe is because Sarah took a contraceptive pill (Birth Control).


Recently Miss. Brison switched her birth control pills, Sarah used to take Cerazetta and then moved to Marvelon. Marvelon for those whom don’t know has an increase chance of blood clots and heart attacks in young woman. A hole was formed in her heart over a short period of time and then a blood clot went through the hole which in return caused for the massive heart attack. This heart attack is all thanks for her family physician who told Sarah that side effects were extremely unlikely for her.

Luckily Sarah is still alive and is recovering rather well. This pro-active healthy young woman has gone through all the efforts to ensure that the hole in her heart closes and she no longer is on the pill. The chance of dying is not worth the risk of potentially having a child. Her long-time boyfriend will just have to be the one to practice safe sex now which is far easier for a man to do than a woman. 90% of the time side effects are non-existent with males.

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