Heart-Rate Monitors Becoming Vastly Cheap

Technology is forever expanding, it’s something that cannot be stopped but as the world continue to progress forwards in technology it means that old technology becomes vastly cheaper. One of those technologies would be a heart-rate monitoring system which should be used by all those over-weight by even ten pounds. This technology is being so cheap that purchasing a reliable heart-rate monitoring system is just as expensive as a meal at a restaurant. This has been proven with Xaiomi’s new monitoring system.


Xaiomi is a company that focuses on creating compatible devices that monitor fitness patterns. It appears that they’ve not entered the realm of heart-rate monitors with their new “Fitness Tracker”. This fitness tracker runs on a 45mAH Battery, meaning it’ll last for twenty days before the battery must be replaced. This band which comes in blue or red monitors breathing patterns, heart-rate patterns and has a timer option for those whom need to take pills.

This device is available to all whom own an Android device with Android 4.4 or to all those whom have an Apple device running IOS 7. This device is currently only available in China but it’s slated to make its way to Northern American stores in the upcoming weeks.

Hopefully this band can become popular amongst Northern American Citizens. It could be a life saver as new models are continued to be released. This band is also water-resistant, dust-resistant and customizable in size. Xiaomi offers an international shipping model to all those outside of China or Northern America as well.