Heart Disease Study Underway in Edinburgh

A new study relating to heart disease has begun in Edinburgh. £1.3 Million Euro’s is being spent in order to deduce a more effect way to track when the heart is beginning to fail. It’ll thus by allow for medics to determine as to when is the best time to operate heart surgery. Two hundred to three hundred patients are being recruited in order to help this study’s findings to become a reality.


Doctors whom try to deduce heart disease right now most times operate to early or to late as current technology often predicts wrong. This can often lead to the heart muscle becoming irreversibly damaged. This study is focusing mainly on the most common form of heart disease “Aortic Stenosis”. This condition is caused when the major valve & subsidiary valves become narrowed, this in return causes for blood to be improperly pumped & thus by can cause for a sudden death heart attack.

If this study becomes everything it sets out to be then millions around the world will benefit from it’s findings. It’ll allow for a major step in the right direction for heart treating. As of right now the study is having the two hundred to possibly three hundred patients undergo heart scans, blood tests and more in order to determine the rate which their blood is pumped via the heart. Half of these patients will be given surgery early while the other half will receive treatment later. Then analysts will be able to determine as to which point during the process is best for surgery.

At the same time, they’ll be creating a machine which uses the same elements they are in their study that’ll be able to be placed in hospitals.