Heart Attacks Deadlier for Woman

The norm for heart attacks is that they mainly only happen to men, it’s rare to hear of a story of a woman having a heart attack but in the last decade in North America the number of heart attacks between the sex’s, woman is staggering higher than men. The death rates for woman are also higher, heart attacks are now the number one killer for woman instead of breast cancer.


The reasoning for this is because woman are inevitably harder to treat for heart disease then men. This is due to the fact that the difference in factors for Caucasians, African’s & Hispanics. Hispanics have higher blood pressure which African woman tend to die without any warning on hospital beds. Caucasian woman on the other hand normally show no signs of heart disease which leads to instant heart failure for a large percentage of Caucasian woman across Northern America.

Doctors & Scientists are continually working on betting technology & medicines in order to better detect heart disease in woman. The American Heart Association Journal noted that the inadequate treatment is leading of hundreds of thousands of deaths every year and that if something isn’t done in the upcoming years the issue shall only double.

Though if people would just eat healthy, boycott the fast food industry and learn to live a healthier life then the majority of these issues wouldn’t be a factor. Unfortunately, both the medical and food industries make millions of the deaths of the innocent woman and men. The chances of a global change are highly unlikely.