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Heart Attacks Deadlier for Woman

The norm for heart attacks is that they mainly only happen to men, it’s rare to hear of a story of a woman having a heart attack but in the last decade in North America the number of heart attacks between the sex’s, woman is staggering higher than men. The death rates for woman are also higher, heart attacks are now the number one killer for woman instead of breast cancer.


The reasoning for this is because woman are inevitably harder to treat for heart disease then men. This is due to the fact that the difference in factors for Caucasians, African’s & Hispanics. Hispanics have higher blood pressure which African woman tend to die without any warning on hospital beds. Caucasian woman on the other hand normally show no signs of heart disease which leads to instant heart failure for a large percentage of Caucasian woman across Northern America.

Doctors & Scientists are continually working on betting technology & medicines in order to better detect heart disease in woman. The American Heart Association Journal noted that the inadequate treatment is leading of hundreds of thousands of deaths every year and that if something isn’t done in the upcoming years the issue shall only double.

Though if people would just eat healthy, boycott the fast food industry and learn to live a healthier life then the majority of these issues wouldn’t be a factor. Unfortunately, both the medical and food industries make millions of the deaths of the innocent woman and men. The chances of a global change are highly unlikely.

Heart Disease Study Underway in Edinburgh

A new study relating to heart disease has begun in Edinburgh. £1.3 Million Euro’s is being spent in order to deduce a more effect way to track when the heart is beginning to fail. It’ll thus by allow for medics to determine as to when is the best time to operate heart surgery. Two hundred to three hundred patients are being recruited in order to help this study’s findings to become a reality.


Doctors whom try to deduce heart disease right now most times operate to early or to late as current technology often predicts wrong. This can often lead to the heart muscle becoming irreversibly damaged. This study is focusing mainly on the most common form of heart disease “Aortic Stenosis”. This condition is caused when the major valve & subsidiary valves become narrowed, this in return causes for blood to be improperly pumped & thus by can cause for a sudden death heart attack.

If this study becomes everything it sets out to be then millions around the world will benefit from it’s findings. It’ll allow for a major step in the right direction for heart treating. As of right now the study is having the two hundred to possibly three hundred patients undergo heart scans, blood tests and more in order to determine the rate which their blood is pumped via the heart. Half of these patients will be given surgery early while the other half will receive treatment later. Then analysts will be able to determine as to which point during the process is best for surgery.

At the same time, they’ll be creating a machine which uses the same elements they are in their study that’ll be able to be placed in hospitals.

Heart-Rate Monitors Becoming Vastly Cheap

Technology is forever expanding, it’s something that cannot be stopped but as the world continue to progress forwards in technology it means that old technology becomes vastly cheaper. One of those technologies would be a heart-rate monitoring system which should be used by all those over-weight by even ten pounds. This technology is being so cheap that purchasing a reliable heart-rate monitoring system is just as expensive as a meal at a restaurant. This has been proven with Xaiomi’s new monitoring system.


Xaiomi is a company that focuses on creating compatible devices that monitor fitness patterns. It appears that they’ve not entered the realm of heart-rate monitors with their new “Fitness Tracker”. This fitness tracker runs on a 45mAH Battery, meaning it’ll last for twenty days before the battery must be replaced. This band which comes in blue or red monitors breathing patterns, heart-rate patterns and has a timer option for those whom need to take pills.

This device is available to all whom own an Android device with Android 4.4 or to all those whom have an Apple device running IOS 7. This device is currently only available in China but it’s slated to make its way to Northern American stores in the upcoming weeks.

Hopefully this band can become popular amongst Northern American Citizens. It could be a life saver as new models are continued to be released. This band is also water-resistant, dust-resistant and customizable in size. Xiaomi offers an international shipping model to all those outside of China or Northern America as well.

23 Year Old Woman Suffers Fatal Heart Attack

Sarah Brison, a twenty three year old woman who is at her physical prime suffered a fatal heart attack a few months ago. This stunning girl played soccer, ate healthy and was avid in taking care of her body. That’s why one morning when she woke up in excruciating pain she was confused, it was so bad that her sight began to become blurry. The reasoning for this as experts believe is because Sarah took a contraceptive pill (Birth Control).


Recently Miss. Brison switched her birth control pills, Sarah used to take Cerazetta and then moved to Marvelon. Marvelon for those whom don’t know has an increase chance of blood clots and heart attacks in young woman. A hole was formed in her heart over a short period of time and then a blood clot went through the hole which in return caused for the massive heart attack. This heart attack is all thanks for her family physician who told Sarah that side effects were extremely unlikely for her.

Luckily Sarah is still alive and is recovering rather well. This pro-active healthy young woman has gone through all the efforts to ensure that the hole in her heart closes and she no longer is on the pill. The chance of dying is not worth the risk of potentially having a child. Her long-time boyfriend will just have to be the one to practice safe sex now which is far easier for a man to do than a woman. 90% of the time side effects are non-existent with males.

Artificial Hearts Available By 2020

The idea of an artificial heart has been tried over and over again since 1965. The hope for these hearts was that one of our most needed arteries could be replaced, allowing for human kind to live onwards. It would essentially defeat all heart diseases. Apparently the global market for these devices are increasing at a rapid rate, every month there’s a new company designing technology for this market.

Artificial Hearts

There poses a serious issue with Artificial Hearts though. If everyone in the world knows that an artificial heart is easy to obtain then obesity rates will climb to an all new high. The same will apply for artificial lungs. People will begin to live their lives in a beyond unhealthy manner as having arteries, the key aspects to living will become like a toy to the majority. They’ll be easily fixable and life will continue onwards.

These issues arise with any future medical advancements though, with every medical breakthrough it in return means that the human species is more than likely to be unhealthy. This is why North America isn’t sure if these artificial products will be available to the public as a regular surgery. Instead it’s hoped that these devices will be used as a last resort.

The only way to get rid of obesity as a whole is to make sure that fast food companies, pesticides and various preservatives aren’t added into our food. That mixed with a bit of regular exercise would cause for a mass decline of obesity.

Southern U.S. Food Named Worse For Heart

Researchers have now claimed that Southern United States has the worst kind of food possible for those who are prone to heart disease, heart attacks or clogged arteries. Researchers tasked themselves with finding out where in Northern America is the worst for food, after finding that an increased percentage of heart problems occur in Southern Ontario they conducted a large portion of their research within that region.

Birmingham University

Those who are fans of fried food or any other kind of unhealthy food you can think of should live in Southern United Stated. The lead researcher behind this study, James Shikany of the Alabama – Birmingham University noted that their overall pattern of eating indicates that their eating habits will only continue to grow worse as time goes on. Roughly 735,000 people in the United States have a heart attack per year and apparently the south holds 26.8% of the overall heart attacks per year. This is the highest amount around the nation as well as Canada.

Unfortunately it’s hard to commit such a mass group of people to change their eating habits. Eating these kinds of food have become a part of the souths culture and this means that future generations will be prone to heart disease, heart attacks and more. Luckily fast food chains are starting to change their methods, providing somewhat healthier food slowly. If this process continues then it could allow for a mass change across Northern America, allowing for healthy people everywhere. Hopefully the healthy diet becomes the norm across the country in the upcoming decades.

Harry Chivers Creates Golf Ball Sized Heart Pump

It is rare thing that a random citizen without formal training will create an innovation so astonishing that doctors will go out of their way to endorse the product as well as provide it to some of their patients. One man by the name of Henry Chivers from Bangor, Northern Ireland has received eighty thousand euro’s for the invention of his golf ball sized heart pump.

Harry Chivers

Mr. Chivers had his heart failing after he suffered a severe heart attack last August. Throughout the year a number of complications arose which had him return to the hospital more than three times. After being tired of the constant stress of not knowing what would happen, Mr. Chivers took it upon himself to design a brand new heart pump. This new heart pump is only the size of a golf ball and it’s allowed for this man’s blood to pump at a faster rate, his regular diet has returned and regular breathing has returned as well.

This product made such a rapid change in Harry’s health that doctors took it upon themselves to have this product tested on other patients. After it was shown that this device performed the same for all patients it was purchased by the Tyne’s Freeman Hospital. This device rests slightly above the person’s heart and it allows for the blood to be pumped at a more regular rate. The device calibrates the individual’s specific needs and then provides the proper measures to have the blood pumped at a proper rate.

Chocolate a Heart Attack Killer?

Chocolate could be the new heart attack killer says researchers from Norfolk, England. These researchers took it upon themselves to track 21,000 different adults over the course of twelve years. The end result was that those who ate up to one hundred grams of chocolate a day were less likely to have heart attacks, strokes or heart disease. Anyone reading this is doing the same thing we did, shaking their heads in disbelief but these findings hold true, so much so that the British Medical Journal is publishing these findings.


100 Grams of chocolate is actually more than what people would think as well. 100 grams is equal to two Hersey milk chocolate bars. This doesn’t mean that any kind of chocolate can be eaten during the day. The findings state that the majority of those tested were younger & going down a healthier path through exercise and healthy eating. None the less the chocolate was shown to lower the blood pressure of these 21,000 individuals & decrease the odds of heart disease, strokes and heart attacks.

Their next goal now is to see if the same results can be done with older adults through more premium & healthier chocolate. It’s required that milk chocolate be taken in right now through the current findings as less preservatives and artificial chemicals are placed into milk chocolate. It’ll be interesting to see if pure chocolate will have the same affects for older adults who are prone to heart disease, strokes or heart attacks. We will keep you updated on their new findings.

Apple Watch OS 1.0.2 Records Heart Rate

Apple, who is one of the largest electronic conglomerates in the world, recently made the revelation that their taking yet another step closer to making their products more health friendly as the next OS update for the Apple Watch (1.0.2) will allow for the monitoring of record heart rates.

This might seem odd for those who are concerned about the limits of technology but the fact of the matter is that a device such as this with a feature like recording a user’s heart rate is advantageous. Apple has stated that the Apple Watch will inform the user that their heart rate is irregular by having the watch vibrant on its highest setting. It’ll also allow for users to inform themselves on how much blood is being pumped through their heart and if that’s the correct amount of flowing blood for their physical body.


This new feature has already begun to receive major praise from fans of the Apple store & those with heart complications. If someone has had a heart attack beforehand the watch will inform a loved one or medical emergency services if your heart beat is extremely irregular. This is a feature that could result in multiple lives being saved within the first month of it being on the market.

We shall keep you posted on the release date for IOS Watch 1.0.2 Update & if it saves any lives in the process. It’ll be interesting to also see if this new feature increases Apple Watch sales in the upcoming months.