Heart risks involved with substance abuse

The body is sensitive and requires quite a lot of care to be kept healthy. However, it will be able to take a lot of abuse when it needs to, but like most things in life it has its limit before serious issues become a reality in the lives of those who abuse it too much. The heart is one of if not the most important organ in your body and will also be able to withstand a fair amount of abuse, but with abuse to this organ comes risk, which can end your life within a heart beat. Substance abuse is definitely not good for any of your organs, this includes any substance abuse from drugs and alcohol to soft drinks. A healthy diet it key to keeping your heart and other organs in top shape and always remembering that too much of a good thing becomes a bad things just as fast.

Heart risks involved with substance abuse

The recreational drug cocaine is called the perfect heart attack drug. This is because use of this drug causes the walls of the heart to become thicker and arteries become stiffer, which means less blood will be able to pass though the arteries. This places a great amount of stress on the heart as it now needs to pump much harder to get the blood through those arteries. Cocaine users also have higher blood pressure, which automatically puts them at a higher risk of cardiovascular abnormalities. With added stress on the heart from cocaine abuse the patients are more likely to suffer a heart attack, stroke and even cardiac arrest, which could lead to sudden death.

Alcohol abuse can also lead to a number of different heart problems, which includes higher blood pressure, obesity and cardiomyopathy, which is when the heart muscles are weakened and unable to complete the required functions for the body. A high volume of alcohol intake at once can also cause the heart beats to become irregular. This will occur when heavy drinking takes place and you start to feel breathless. A change in blood pressure occurs, which also puts you at a high risk of experiencing a heart attack. Many youngsters would consider themselves to young for a heart attacks, but with alcohol the heart can become so weak that a perfectly healthy 20 year old would be at great risk of a heart attack or doing damage to the heart with alcohol abuse. Alcohol is not all bad though when controlled and not abused. Studies have shown that heart heath can actually be increased in patients aged 45 and up, but the alcohol intake needs to be maintained within low risk guidelines.

Caffeine has many different disadvantages that we have all heard about over the years. The question is, does it have a massive negative effect on cardiovascular heath? Well, no. Actually some research has shown that caffeine actually provides a few added benefits to the matter, which could result in a lower risk in heart disease. The study also shows that decaff tea and coffee (contains no caffeine) did not have the same benefits as those with caffeine. No doctor would recommend a strong caffeine intake in any diet as it will damage other organs in the body, but to the heart a small amount of coffee or tea containing caffeine actually promotes a healthier heart.

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