Risk Of Heart Failure

All people lose some pumping blood ability in the heart with age, but the things that make it even more difficult for the heart and add a greater risk to heart failure include added stress from poor health circumstances that either makes the heart work harder or damages the heart. Lifestyle factors that increase the risk of heart attacks or strokes include being over weight, smoking, leading a diet with a lot of fatty products or cholesterol. Leading a lifestyle with no or low physical activity will also increase the risk of heart failure, strokes and of course heart attacks.

Facts that may cause heart failure

If you are a survivor of a heart attack, stroke or heart failure chances are good that one or more of the following conditions are factored in. Many of these conditions can be form part of ones lifestyle without noticing it. These conditions listed below makes the heart wear and tear a lot faster than it should, with this patients increase their risk with many unneeded factors. Atherosclerosis is one of the biggest risks involved with leading an unhealthy lifestyle. This is when cholesterol and fatty foods build up and block the arteries, this means less blood can reach the heart, causing heavy chest pains, but if his continues and the arteries become completely blocked a heart attack will be unavoidable.

Risk Of Heart Failure

Part Hear Attack Damage

When one or more of the heart arteries are block a loss of nutrients and oxygen will damage heart muscle tissues, which essentially means part of the heart dies. This makes it a lot harder for the heart to pump blood. Patients who have survived a heart attack will need to lead a lifestyle that involves none or a very small amount of risk.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure increases the risk of heart failure by up to 3 times. This is because the heart is forced to pump harder, which weakens and stretches the chambers of the heart overtime. Patients with high blood pressure increase how hard the heart needs to work to keep blood circulating.

Heart Valves Abnormality

Heart valves are used with each beat and are used to control the flow of blood pumped by the heart. If these values are weak or do not work properly the risk of heart failure is increased. Abnormal valves can be caused by infections, a defect at birth or disease.

Heart Muscle Disease

Heart muscle disease will increase the risk of heart failure with damage to heart muscles. These can be caused by side effects including alcohol, drug usage, viral infections or reasons that are unknown.

Birth Presented Heart Defects

Should the heart chambers not form properly at birth, the heart will need to work harder to keep the flow up blood at normal. This means greater care should be taken to avoid heart failure.

Severe Lung Disease

Lungs supply the heart with oxygen. When the lungs are not working properly the heart will need to work harder and provide the required oxygen.


Patients who have diabetes are more likely to develop atherosclerosis and hypertension from elevated lipid levels within their blood. Both of these conditions have been link directly with heart failure.

Sleep Apnea

Patients with sleep apnea will need to keep a close watch on blood pressure as they are more likely to develop diabetes, strokes and suffer from heart failure.

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