Training that will keep your heart healthy

There are many benefits to a well thought out training program that will be able to keep your heart healthy and keep you in shape. The following will provide some of the best ways to train. Also insure your diet contains many recommended foods to lower cholesterol and keep your heart in tip top shape. The heart can never be too healthy, but could easily be too unhealthy. For this reason its important to stick to a workout plan.

Circuit training

Anyone will be able to explain that any type of constant movement will be better for you than just sitting around doing nothing. Circuit training is however one of the best ways to move around and get your body and heart to a much greater health status really fast. Patients who take part in circuit training will find result are improved much faster than most other sports or diet programs available. There are a number of different exercises to make use of that will work out all parts of the body. Upper body exercises include bench dips, squat ups, medicine ball chest pass, back extensions and many more. Trunk and core muscle groups can be exercised with sit ups, back extensions and crunches.


The lower body offer a number of methods to try including squat jumps, step ups, compass jumps, bench squats and more. Doing the whole body together would be a great way to start off as all muscle groups will gain from it, try jogging, burpees, skipping, squat thrusts to begin with and get the best results.

Lane Swimming

Lane swimming is a great way to increase the health of your heart and lungs. Lung health is also important to the heart as blood is pumped to the lungs for oxygen. If lungs are healthier the heart will work less to get oxygen to all the cells in the body. Lane swimming can be done in most pools that provide a decent distance to swim laps. There are a number of different techniques that will be able to increase your heath faster. Swimming is definitely one of the best ways to increase overall heath as well. Experts recommend using no additional assistance like flippers. Start of slow and do not try to get 100% fit within the first day. There are a number of different ways to start and get more fit as you go along. There are many additional ways to increase fitness once you reach a greater level of fitness. For example, instead of using your hands as paddles trying making fists when you swim. This will provide less force, which means you will be required to work much harder, which will once again increase your fitness.

Weight Training

Many doctors will tell you that weight training is very important to patients who have suffered a stroke, heart attack or heart disease. Weight training will provide your whole body with a workout as it will build muscle and get blood flowing properly. Patients will also lose weight and cholesterol levels will be lowered. All these things will put the heart under less strain to get blood through the body as needed. Bone health will also be increased with weight training, which means this will provide many benefits to those who use this method. I would still recommend a circuit or lane swimming program with weight training and overall fitness will only do good. Be sure to speak t your doctor about recommended workout programs to ensure you don’t over do it and cause more damage.

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