What Smoking Does to your Heart

Most people consider the biggest problem with smoking is cancer, which is true, but smoking is also a massive cause of heart disease, heart failure and strokes. Smoking a cigarette or inhaling secondhand smoke into your lungs is bad enough to say the least, but the bigger risk is presented when your heart attempts to gather clean oxygen and nutrients for all the organs in your body. The heart can only receive clean oxygen from the lungs. The heart will pump blood into your lungs with ever heartbeat. If you are smoking or inhaling smoke while its attempting to do this all your body will receive is dirty blood filled with nicotine, tar and many other harmful chemicals that damage your body.

What Smoking Does to your Heart

Nicotine in the blood system harms blood vessels, which means your heart already need to work harder to get the blood to the part of your body required, and while doing this its pumping dirty blood. Atherosclerosis can also easily be obtained with the chemicals the smoke provides your blood stream with, this is when the arteries are built up with a max-like substance, which sticks to the inside of your arteries and hardens after time. Once it comes hard it starts to block the arteries, which means oxygen rich blood cannot pass through as quickly as required. When the wax like substance called plaque builds up in the heart coronary heart disease occurs. This will very easily lead to heart failure, heart attacks, strokes or even death. Patients will also experience chest pains, feel weak and become unfit much faster.

A struggle to breath will also be common with smokers, which means the blood pumped by the heart contains less oxygen. A smokers heart will also need to beat faster as it will still need to supply the entire body with blood even with the plague. This also adds to the fact that less oxygen will be able to enter the blood system. This alone is a major risk for heart disease to occur especially when other risks are also factored in along with smoking like high cholesterol, over weight, being unfit and of course high blood pressure, which will also be added by smoking tobacco.

Smokers also expose themselves to a greater change of getting peripheral arterial disease. This is when the arteries are blocked by plague that need to carry blood to the brain, limbs and organs. This means the risk of heart attacks and heart failure is a lot more likely to happen, not to mention cardiac arrest, which means a blockage has stopped your heart from supplying blood to the brain. Even if survived brain and heart damage is just about unavoidable.

Quit Smoking Benefits

It should never be considered too late to quit smoking or pointless if you have been smoking for years. Taking the step to quit smoking as soon as possible will reduce the risk of hear disease, SCD (Sudden Cardiac Death) and many other fatal diseases. Quitting will also allow your heart and body the time to repaid your body and return to a healthier state. Patients who quit smoking will have a better sense of smell and taste. Patients will also have more energy. Other benefits will also provide the risk of a heart attack being lowered by more than half.

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